For 12 years, Glorious trained and performed as a jazz drummer, learning to use improvisation to excite and energize her audiences and intensify her performances. The drums became part of her personality: robust, lively and full of spirit which, over the years, made the perfect complement to her strong and reaching vocal talents.

Glorious’ signature sound is complex, emotional and multidimensional, alternating between intense and laid-back rhythms. Her style: an inspired phrase, the interactive result of audience involvement and the most defining component of jazz—improvisation—the foundation of her musical expertise.

Glorious applies jazz improvisation techniques with electronic dance music (EDM) and Pop, taking popular EDM tracks—as well as her original music—and adds to the mix the dynamic and explosive resonance of her drums to create “live drum set remixes.” This purity and perfection of sound combined with Glorious’ technical and classical jazz training makes for a dynamic, innovative and captivating musical style.

As a Pop singer, Glorious’ signature voice is marked by its immense power and range. The pure and heartfelt expression of her songs mesmerizes audiences with goose-bump inducing melodies and dynamics. Her vocal talents express impressive technical skill and raw power in her upper-register and a velvety, layered depth in the middle and low registers. Glorious’ powerhouse vocals explore many versatile sounds, tones and cultures, allowing an expression of varied styles from pop to soul, and rock to R&B, with elements of hip-hop, funk and soul.

Her musical influences, which include Whitney Houston, Diplo, Patti LaBelle, Beyoncé,Brian Blade, David Guetta, Max Roach, Chaka Khan, Spanky and Stargate, inspired Glorious to incorporate singing with her developed style of percussion, leading her to the next phase of her professional development: producing