"A fantastic showing of powerful vocals wrapped around a club-banger beat with high-end production." Read more.

“With rhythmically charged beats and pop-funk, we are feeling the groove with ‘Move,’ the new single from Glorious. ‘Move’ is a track which should put Glorious on any A&R watch list…” Read full article here.

“The livetronica drummer [Glorious] takes us through a mix of upbeat rhythms and opalescent synths. The tune [Move]  is much more turbulent even though it’s more conceptually grounded by the vocals.” Read more.

“This [Move] feels like a classic pop track but with an edge of weight and intensity that modern mainstream music has been crying out for.”
Read more here.

Glorious unpacks her own musical identity with bravery and boldness, providing an empowering anthem for listeners…” It [Move] thrives off Glorious’ powerful voice leveraging an infectious beat.” Read more.

“Glorious’ voice exhibits a sense of command… she offers an organic sincerity that has long since been missing in modern music.” Read full review.

“Sultry new song ‘Move’ from the up-and-comer, Glorious, is a fun, fresh pop song with many layers and genre-bending influences. Her voice is so lovely – like Whitney Houston and Karen Carpenter collaborated in heaven.” Read the full review here.

“Move, is a hugely infectious pop track. Brilliant beat…a funky, driving bassline and a lead vocal from Glorious that is by turns smoky and sultry then exultant and powerful on the incendiary chorus.” Read more.

A 'Glorious' View At W Hotel'; P.O.V Performance Blends Live Drum Remixes w/ EDM Beats

”…a gloriously good time.” Read the full article here


”She [Glorious] is
sophisticated and incredibly focused on who she wants to be as an artist…” Read the full story.