Glorious, Livetronica Drummer, Pop and R&B Singer, Producer.jpg

Becoming a producer was not always the plan, but life, like music, requires some improvisation. While playing in the orchestra, Glorious felt frustrated with the part she was playing. It was limiting, it was simple and it didn’t resonate with its potential. It could be so much more and go so much farther, so she asked herself, “Why can’t I just write all the parts? What does it take to develop each element into one cohesive, symphony of sound?” So she recreated her part. Then she created another. Soon she was producing entire songs, whole tracks, mixing beats—and she keeps going. 

The range of styles in Glorious’ production became more varied in a short period of time. Her personality and love of music was too strong to conform to a single sound, and her versatility of talents took over the creative process. Her advanced technical and natural abilities on drums contribute advanced, complex tempos, and her vocal foundation aids in the creation of truly unique melodies, harmonies and rhythms, born of her personal experiences. Formal years of music training also allow her to read music and track sequences rather than notating, making the production process somewhat second nature.

Connecting through music is universal for a reason: it’s natural, yet ineffable. When asked about the planning process for a new song, Glorious says, “The most important part about producing a song is finding the groove. No matter the pace of the song, the listener should be able to feel the groove of the music, and that’s where I put my trust: the natural connection between soul and sound.” 

Her versatility in personality and sound lends to the constant incorporation of new elements in her production. Her versatility in music styles is clear, with a range of producer influences including Diplo, Dark Child, Hardwell, Timbaland, Stargate David Guetta and 40. As a producer, she aspires to work with a variety of artists including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and Lady Antebellum—artists and producers she relates to on many levels—levels, like her music, that transcend all barriers.