Jul 02, 2017

Soundview Art & Music Festival

Bronx, NY


Jun 06, 2017  
Bronx Music Garden

Bronx, NY


In the Glorious Live Show, you will experience the DJ playing the best of electronic dance music (EDM) while Glorious riffs on the drums, creating “live drum set remixes” and singing powerhouse vocals to self-produced songs, covers of EDM favorites and dance remixes of Top 40 music. This high-energy show represents a blend of livetronica, EDM and Pop/R&B.

“I love EDM and I love playing the drums and singing. When I discovered livetronica, a unique style that blends jam band elements with electronic music, I was hooked. Livetronica is a melting pot of sounds and styles from many different genres. You take the high-octane, beat-pumping sounds of EDM and combine it with live instruments backed by improvisational chops, generating entirely new melodies and harmonies. I use to be a jazz drummer growing up, so improv is my deal. My live drum set remixes are my version of improv for electronic dance music."

“I am a fan of so many dance music styles, DJs and producers. Whether the headliner is Diplo, Tiesto, Avicii, Hardwell, David Guetta, Afrojack, Zedd or Kaskade, they are all different. Their sets are distinct and legendary in their own way. They are artists I would love to collaborate with in the future.” 

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