Glorious, Livetronica Drummer Pop-R&B Vocalist, Live at Sullivan Room, New York City.jpg

GLORIOUS a Pop singer-songwriter, livetronica drummer and producer, has been making music since she started playing drums at the age of three. She is glamorous yet edgy, classy yet full of grit. Glorious’ throw down factor makes her sound one to remember. Her unique strengths— livetronica drumming and soulful, resonant vocals— together produce a sound that transcends all barriers, connecting people in ways only music can.

Glorious is named after her grandmother, Glorious Cooper.

Glorious produces her own flair of livetronica: a full drum kit played to electronic dance music. The product is an alluring, entrancing style both adapted and apart from today’s hit tracks, with a captivating vocal medley—both playful and complex—of Pop with soul influences.

Rising Above

The subject of bullying as a young teen, Glorious was faced with two options: be a victim, or be unstoppable. Glorious’ mother, a single mom and entrepreneur, showed Glorious through actions the value and reward of sacrifice, courage and independence. Glorious chose to be unstoppable—to become the strong, fierce woman she is today—to follow the examples of her mother and her grandmother. It was the only choice to make.

Glorious learned to use all her experiences—the good and the challenging—and channel them into her music. The result: a sound universal in meaning and unique in personal inspiration.

Choose to Be Unstoppable

Glorious graduated from the world renowned Berklee College of Music in May 2015. She holds a Bachelors degree in Electronic Production and Design.

Glorious uses her life experiences to create music she hopes will bring together people of all different cultures, generations and walks of life. Being raised in Washington, D.C., a multi-cultural melting pot, has helped shape her inherent passion for music and life.