We look forward to working with you! Our goal is to make promoting Glorious at your night club or concert easy. Below are the most requested materials from the event promoters, managers, and agents we have worked with. 

Feel free to use any copy from Glorious’ STORY or LIVE pages and shorten as needed.

Each show is unique. If you need more or different material or have a specific idea Glorious can help with to promote your event please let us know. Contact Traci Allen Inc. at 202.246.8856 or email

GLORIOUS, is a Pop singer-songwriter, livetronica drummer and producer.


Social Handles


Downloadable Materials

  • Glorious performance photos to use in promotional materials 
  • Black and white logos in various formats for online, print, and/or LED walls or monitors.

High Res Photos

Glorious Live 1

Glorious Live 5

Glorious Live 2

Glorious Live 6

Glorious Live 3

Glorious Live 7

Glorious Live 4

Glorious Live 8